Bill Barringer

Bill Barringer

NMLS 345185
Sales Manager
OFFICE:(775) 399-7602
CELL:(775) 378-6108
FAX:(775) 399-7614

About Bill Barringer

I have been in the Mortgage Lending Business over 20 years and I still love what I do. I have successfully helped over 4,400 families get into their homes during that time. What stands me apart from other Lenders? It is simple: I live my personal & professional life by one axiom: Treat others as you want to be treated. Very simple but at the same time complex: What this means is that I will always be honest and communicative to all of the parties involved in the transaction. It also means that I will give every option available to fit your financing needs as no two people are alike. What may be good for one borrower may not be good for others. My job is to give options since the borrower is paying for the loan, not me. I do give my opinion and will give the good & bad on each option, but the ultimate decision is the borrowers.

Included in this is the requirement that I be as up to date as possible. I take great pride in my knowledge of the industry and the latest guidelines & trends. With this knowledge I am able to tailor a loan program that fits the borrower’s situation, both now and in the future. It is this extra knowledge that allowed me to receive multiple awards in the industry including the TOP Producer in Northern NV and Top 10 Producer numerous times over the past 2 decades.

Finally, and most important is integrity. There has been a lot of publicity over the last few years of the reasons for the housing debacle. Much of the blame has been placed on individual loan officers and while much of it is justified, I feel completely blameless. I have always been upfront with borrowers. I will always tell you the situation good & bad and I will not wait until the last minute to do so.

Studies have shown that next to a divorce, purchasing a house can be the most stressful process there is. While I am not going to tell you that it is simple, I will tell you that I will take as much stress off of you as possible, even with the present tight lending atmosphere we are in now. Since my company has local processing and exceptional underwriting, I have the ability to discuss the situation directly with my underwriter to resolve issues quickly. Since all Lenders are closely regulated, and we pretty much all have the same rates, service is all we can sell. As a result, I am at YOUR service.