Many people either don’t have enough liquid assets to buy a home with cash or they prefer to put those assets toward other investments. If this sounds like you, financing your home purchase with a conventional loan is the ticket. Let us find the right mortgage for you!


What is the minimum down payment on a conventional loan?
The minimum down payment on a conventional loan is typically 3 percent of the purchase price. Remember, mortgage insurance is required with a down payment of less than 20 percent (we offer several options for paying your mortgage insurance; additional restrictions apply).

What credit score do you need for a conventional home loan?
Conventional home loans require borrowers to have a minimum 620 credit score.

What is the max DTI (debt-to-income) for a conventional loan?
The maximum debt-to-income ratio on a conventional loan is typically 45 percent. That means the amount of your gross monthly income that goes toward debt payments each month (mortgage, credit cards, car payment, student loans, etc.) should not exceed 45 percent of your total gross monthly income. For example, monthly debt of $2,500 is 45 percent of $5,555 in gross monthly income.

Can you get a conventional loan for a manufactured home?
Yes, we offer purchase and refinance loans for manufactured homes that will be primary residences or second homes. Please speak with your Homeowners Licensed Mortgage Professional to discuss qualification requirements and property eligibility.