Rob Emanuele

Rob Emanuele

Chief Financial Officer

About Rob Emanuele

Robert A. Emanuele is the Chief Financial Officer for Homeowners Financial Group and oversees the company’s accounting, finance, treasury, servicing, and payroll functions.

Rob has over 15 years of mortgage and banking experience. Prior to joining Homeowners, he worked as a Strategy Consultant and Assistant Vice President for the commercial banking and mortgage divisions of First National Bank of Arizona. More recently, he was the Director of Finance for Marix Servicing, a specialty mortgage servicer and subsidiary of Marathon Asset Management.

Originally from Akron, Ohio, Rob earned a B.A. and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Akron before relocating to Phoenix for work (Go Guardians! Go Cavs! This is the year, Browns!).

In his spare time, Rob enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, and keeping up with current economic trends.