HFG Partners with Pavaso to Offer Digital Mortgage Services to Arizona Clients

Homeowners Financial Group (HFG) is one of the first Arizona based mortgage lenders to complete an eClosing with Pavaso, a leading eClosing technology provider.

“Pavaso was tasked with supporting HFG’s National Builder Division by making the entire home-buying experience easier and more efficient,” said Pavaso CEO Mark McElroy. “In providing a superior digital closing experience, HFG is better able to attack one of the traditional pain points in the home-buying process—the closing—and transform it into the gateway to homeownership.”

HFG’s primary goal in using Pavaso is to make dramatic improvements to the client experience during the signing process. Potential homebuyers have used virtual reality to see what their new house will look like, and eClosing technology offers a similarly accessible concept for the mortgage and lending industry. With Pavaso Digital Close, HFG can continue to offer a more convenient digital process to their clients from start to finish.

Pavaso’s cutting-edge technology provides a single NPI – nonpublic personal information – secure portal for all parties to the transaction. The lender, title and consumers are able to collaborate in a transparent and improved business process. Its technology is flexible enough to apply in all environments and enables users to conduct the full breadth of digital closings ranging from hybrids to eNotes and eVault.

From Homeowners Financial Group: “We firmly believe that HFG provides the best experience to our clients by focusing on what we do best – offering the best service and a competitive price across a broad range of mortgage products. We rely on Pavaso to give us the digital process they have developed to enhance that experience because they are the experts in offering the tools that make eClosing seamless.”

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