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The Home Loan Process

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Who’s Who

Are you new to the Home Loan process? We’ve put together a summary of the professionals involved so you will have a better idea of who will be assisting you along the way.


Licensed Mortgage Professional

Provides expert analysis of mortgage products after reviewing your financial needs and ability to repay the home loan




Helps you search for the perfect home and negotiates the terms of purchase on your behalf



Home Inspector

Examines the conditions of the home prior to purchasing so you know what you are buying




Assesses the market value of the home based on similar property sales in the area



Title Officer

Assists in preparing final paperwork to transfer ownership of the property to the buyer



Escrow Agent

Oversees the transfer of funds from buyer to seller



Insurance Agent

Provides monetary protection by issuing home insurance



Loan Servicer:

Handles the management of your mortgage loan after the home purchase is complete



If you would like to learn more about the Home Loan process how to get started, please contact one of our Licensed Mortgage Professionals at a branch near you.

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