Ashlyn Pinter

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”

— E.M. Forster

At Homeowners Financial Group, the embodiment of passion and proactive leadership is personified in Ashlyn Pinter, our Director of Human Resources. Since her start with us in 2016 at our Scottsdale headquarters, Ashlyn has been a vital force, not only leading our HR initiatives but also serving as a Vice President of our Culture Committee. With her continued drive, our workplace environment has flourished, proving that passion can transform and elevate the human experience at every level.  Tom Osselaer, Chief Administrative Officer, “Every once in a while, you get lucky during your career to work alongside of amazing people.  I consider myself beyond lucky to work with Ashlyn Pinter.  Her drive and passion for HFG and its employees is amazing to witness.  That and the fact that she’s smart as hell is something that brings a smile to my face every day.”

Ashlyn’s commitment to wellness and employee engagement is evident in every initiative she champions. Her recent oversight of an awareness campaign significantly enhanced our organization’s knowledge and utilization of their day-to-day benefits. This commitment to wellness extended into a series of workshops and seminars, including a mental wellness workshop in May and a financial seminar scheduled for July, culminating in a trilogy of sessions that support and educate our employees—our Homies—as we fondly call them.

In her role, Ashlyn expertly blends her vast HR responsibilities with her personal passion for helping others, creating a seamless and supportive environment. She leads the design and implementation of comprehensive HR strategies that enhance our organizational success. This includes refining our onboarding process to ensure a warm welcome for new Homies and maintaining high standards for personnel management that align with legal compliance and best practices.

Ashlyn’s dedication also extends to developing programs that not only aim to foster skill enhancement but also ensure that all team members feel recognized and valued. Her approach to performance management is both nurturing and rigorous, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to excel and contribute meaningfully.  Most notably by her own team member and HR Generalist, Cheyenne Lee, who expresses, “I am truly grateful to know and work with Ashlyn! She is an exceptional leader, and she is so passionate about HR and HFG. She inspires me to be a better #homie every day!”  Her personal touch and commitment to excellence don’t stop there. Ashlyn works closely with executive management to develop HR policies that are not just functional but are tailored to boost morale and encourage continuous improvement across all levels of the company. The result is a workplace where each employee feels equipped to achieve their best, inspired by the culture of care and excellence.

Hailing from Scottsdale and an alumnus of the University of Arizona, Ashlyn brings a blend of academic rigor and heartfelt enthusiasm to her role. Her achievements, including receiving the President’s Club award twice and acing her PHR certification prep class as ‘Top Gun’, underscore her expertise and dedication.  Outside of her professional realm, Ashlyn is deeply engaged in personal pursuits that mirror her work’s passion. Whether she’s practicing yoga, exploring trails, or spending quality time with her family and their beloved Lab Retrievers, Jax and Brook, she embodies the balance she preaches. A lifelong Arizona Diamondbacks fan, she’s ambitiously working through her bucket list of visiting every MLB park.  Her current favorite stadium experience might surprise, you can ask her about that top rank.

Ashlyn Pinter’s role at Homeowners Financial is more than a job; it’s a manifestation of her passion for people and her unwavering belief in the power of a positive and engaging work environment. Every day, she makes substantial impacts not only in our operations but in the lives of our employees, truly making her a cornerstone of Homeowners Financial Group.  Summarized in a way that only CFO Rob Emanuele could do, “What is there left to say about Ashlyn that Tom hasn’t already said?  She is outstanding and we are all incredibly lucky to have her.”


3 words that best describe Ashlyn: Ethical. Dedicated. Caring. 


We are always looking for experienced professionals who are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining our corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us at homeownersfg.com/careers for more information on becoming a Homie.

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