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The word itself can take on many definitions and uses based on the subject being discussed and points of reference in a conversation: a starting point, a building block, the strongest level. This month’s Highlight, like a foundation, is known for the cornerstones he places that Homeowners Financial Group can continue to build upon. Nelson De Leon, Chief Operating Officer, speaks to the quality of his craftmanship saying, “He is an exceptional employee and has a wealth of knowledge on the product side as a former Loan Originator and Wholesale AE trainer. He is detail-oriented, functions great under pressure, and does well with fast approaching deadlines. He always delivers under any circumstance, as he understands the importance of his work in getting these products in the hands of those to best assist the families we work so hard for.”

the act of setting up, establishing:

Hayden Bennett joined the Capital Markets team at Homeowners in August of 2017 and during his tenure was promoted to his current role of Product Development Manager. Products can generally be viewed as something you would buy in a store, but in mortgage, these are the individual loan products we are able to offer to meet our clients’ needs. As we continue to debunk myths about what down payment is required for a mortgage and more, Hayden continues to search out and develop options that may include down payment assistance with little to no down payment requirements. Our product team makes it possible for us to offer options for self-employed borrowers where income documentation may be more complex, or other scenarios that allow us to find the round hole for the round peg.

the basis or groundwork of anything:

Reflecting back on the start of his journey with us, Hayden talks about some initial interactions with the Executive team: “From the moment I sat down in Nelson’s office for my first (and only) job interview, I knew that it was going to work. We share the same long-term vision, and the fervor with which we desire to see it realized.” Moving to the present-day, he adds, “The Homeowners management team has supported me beyond my expectations and I’m exceedingly grateful for it.” Being supported is a pillar of our company’s values, with Hayden’s own values on full display as he has grown his own team. “Despite being 100% remote, I make sure to stay closely connected with my team. I work most closely with Nick Bove (Product Specialist in Florida) and there are days when his face is ever-present on my third monitor via Microsoft Teams. Our remote workflow is seamless, productive and a good amount of fun.”

Outside of work, Hayden enjoys two very distinct hobbies, photography and martial arts – and he is clear that it is not photography OF martial arts, as he is physically engaged in both. Photography was his first love that sparked his interest as a child and continues today. His true love, wife Stephanie, is what brought the family to New Mexico while she completes her medical studies and rotations becoming a doctor. This has also offered him a rekindled passion for martial arts and the time to spend honing that craft.

the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests:

In some cases the foundation can be more about the person, which is evident through their actions. As Homeowners prides ourselves on high character individuals, Hayden talks about those around him, sharing: “Having character is easy to do when everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. It’s another story when circumstances fall darker. I’ve seen our team faced with serious adversity and witnessed them exhibit admirable character and leadership in pursuit of its resolution. I’m proud to be associated with the people I work alongside.”

As Hayden has created a foundation for himself and for others to strive, he knows the ground floor is in good order and continues to look to build higher. “Bashful and reserved are not adjectives I would use to describe my long-term aspirations with this company,” he says with a smile. “I plan on earning a chair at the Executive Management/C-Suite table at some point. Chief Product Officer has a pleasant sound. Homeowners has demonstrated a willingness to let me develop my career as far as I am able, and I intend to capitalize on it.”

In closing, we would like to highlight our Highlight by including his overall engagement with other areas of the business, where he is always lending a hand. “Hayden is a true asset because he always puts the needs of the company first,” shares Kelsey Waite, Marketing Operations Manager. “He never hesitates to work late or help others with anything they need, even if it falls outside his job description. He is dedicated to his craft and actively seeks out ways to improve current processes, always going the extra mile.”

3 words that best describe Hayden:  Supportive. Patient. Steady.

We are always looking for experienced professionals that are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining a corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us for more information on becoming a Homie: www.homeownersfg.com/careers.

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