At HFG, we believe the F stands for Family and as our vision states, we hire only like-minded individuals who value our family style culture, treating other employees like family members. This month’s Highlight fits that statement to the core and explains the greatly unique qualities we share, “HFG is different than most companies I have worked for…the organization thrives for greatness and encourages their employees to do the same. It is about being a family, not just work.” It is people like this Highlight that make up our company’s greatest asset, our employees.

Heather Murry joined HFG in August 2014 and is currently an Assistant Processing Manager after being promoted to the position November 2016. One of the qualifications that earned this role was her passion in assisting our Clients’ dreams of homeownership. “It is very satisfying to me to be part of a team that comes together, sometimes through blood, sweat, and tears, to help people buy their own home and put a smile on their face. This is why I do what I do.” The processing role for any lender is generally considered the quarterback of the team, having constant communication with numerous parties and a heavy hand in getting the essential ‘Clear to Close.’ Knowing the critical nature of closing every loan on time, Heather understands the power of balance. “There has never been a day that I do not laugh at work,” she says. “Everyone gets along so well. I have fun every day at HFG.” Along with her manager Kristi Jones, this positive atmosphere allows the team to excel in difficult situations and thrive during crunch time.

In her time away from work, Heather and her husband have been busy restoring a 1965 Mustang which was her Mother’s Day gift a few years ago. Each weekend since they have ticked away at the project, which is now almost complete. With a smile on her face she says, “I will be driving it to work soon!” The couple also enjoys an annual trip to Gunnison, Colorado where they look forward to going off the grid for a week. We consider this recharging the battery that fuels her drive to help more of our Clients have the best mortgage experience.

As an Assistant Manager, Heather is pleased with her ability to coach and mentor others in the department and elaborates, “It provides me the opportunity to work closely with all the processors. It is rewarding to watch the processors learn, grow and succeed.” Elena Toner, Processor in Peoria, AZ describes her teamwork mentality and going above and beyond: “She’s always there when you need her, she’s quick to answer your question or find out the answer if she doesn’t know it. She’s great!” We are fortunate to have Heather Murry as a perfect example of what it means to be a Homie!

3 words that best describe Heather: Determined, Trustworthy, Balanced.

We are always looking for experienced professionals that are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining a corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us for more information on becoming a Homie: www.homeownersfg.com/careers



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