Jason Peterson“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.” – Brian Tracy

In the spirit of this invigorating quote, we’re delighted to cast our Homie Highlight on a man who embodies this proactive attitude. Jason Peterson, our Area Manager based in Northern California, is an exemplar of taking chances, being active, and showing up. Jason’s blend of strategic thinking, bold decision-making, and relentless effort has not only brought him personal success but also has significantly contributed to our organization’s growth. Mike Bryant, Director of Capital Markets speaks to these ever-present qualities explaining, “Jason is extremely hard working and an innovative leader at this company that searches for out of the box methods to address his team’s needs. His leadership style and accompanying positive attitude make him one of the more unique market managers I have the privilege to work with.”

Jason joined Homeowners Financial Group in November 2021 and quickly took the reins of our Sales team in CA across Brentwood, Danville, Stockton, and the surrounding areas. Steering the mortgage loan activity in these zones, Jason weaves an intricate web of strategies and targets, constantly reinvigorating our lending strategy by analyzing mortgage data and trends. But make no mistake, his approach to management is a heartfelt blend of compassion and dedication to his team. A bona fide leader in every sense, Jason believes in feeding his people and creating opportunities for them. Always seeking to improve, he frequently ponders, “What can I do better?” Never missing and chance to celebrate success and provoke thought for the team, he shares inspiring and team-building messages through his Friday videos.

From his beginnings in Minnesota and Colorado to his current Californian residence, Jason’s journey is filled with rich experiences and shared happiness. A proud alumnus of California State University, Chico, Jason is a man of diverse talents. Away from the spreadsheets and the mortgage world, you can find him conjuring magic at the BBQ and their outdoor entertainment space with friends and family, who also are colleagues and business partners. Coaching youth sports whenever he can while serving as the broadcast voice for the local high school sports teams. His favorite activity is enjoying quality time with his wife, four kids and two faithful dogs, Gus and Molly. Movie buffs, behold! Jason’s passion for cinema is a well-known facet of his vibrant personality. His knack for intertwining classic movie quotes into work dialogues or using film analogies to unravel complex mortgage concepts is nothing short of brilliant. His signature movie lines have a way of lightening spirits while engaged in any conversation.

One of the core philosophies that guide Jason’s leadership is the ethos of Fans First. He deeply understands the power of prioritizing team and clients’ needs and creates a culture that reveres everyone involved in the transaction. Echoing the words from the book, “If you take care of your fans, the money will take care of itself,” Jason truly embodies this principle. Len Cullip, West Regional Sales Manager, is a fan first of Jason and shares, “Through his genuine leadership style, he empowers and nurtures growth, providing unwavering support and mentorship. His industry knowledge and true willingness to share insights have paved the way for remarkable professional and personal growth for so many. Igniting a fire within each team member, encouraging them along to soar to new heights. Jason’s impact is felt by each and every one of us, and we are fortunate to have him leading the Northern California team.”

Like the pivotal roles in a blockbuster movie, every Homie has an irreplaceable role in our success story. With a leader like Jason steering the ship in Northern California, we’re confident that our journey will be nothing short of an Oscar-worthy blockbuster. Here’s to Jason – for his unwavering commitment to his people and to the collective commitment of the Homeowners Financial Group Mission statement: We exist to improve the lives we touch. People are the reason for everything we do and achieve.

3 words that best describe Jason:  Community-Minded. Team-Oriented. Family-Centric.

We are always looking for experienced professionals who are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining our corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us at homeownersfg.com/careers for more information on becoming a Homie.

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