‘Whatever it takes’ – No spoiler alert here, just a sentiment echoed by all the Avengers in the recent summer smash movie hit. Having her own type of superpowers, this month’s Highlight shares the same sentiment of always doing whatever it takes. She is always willing to take on new roles and volunteer for new responsibilities, all for the greater good of the Organization. Like the heroes in the movie, she leads her team to be a sum greater than their parts.

Rose Dinglasan started with Homeowners Financial Group July 2012, celebrating her seventh Homieversary this month. Holding multiple roles during her tenure, including Project Manager for a major IT implementation, Rose currently serves as Business Services Manager. In this position Rose and her team oversee and maintain all of our 32 branch locations nationally, including our Scottsdale, AZ Corporate location exceeding over 140 employees alone. CFO Tom Osselaer says, “HFG has experienced strong growth over the last handful of years. The complexity of finding the right location, building floorplans for proper workspace, and even getting things like recurring coffee service can be an afterthought.  With continued growth we know that Rose’s vision and execution will set us up for continued success.”

Outside of work, Rose is actively looking for memorable moments with her daughters Monica and Emily and her ‘other children’ dogs Tarzan, Jane and Caleb. Sunday matinees viewing the newest on the silver screen and afternoons at the dog park are some of her favorite activities. Wednesday nights you can find her playing Songo and boy does she get into it. A blend of songs and bingo, she loves stamping her board when she recognizes the song title after just a few bars. After filling her board as a regular winner, ‘Songo!’ is screamed at the top of her lungs.

The fun doesn’t stop for Rose there, however, as Halloween is a big deal and she loves going all out (see photo at right). Kelsey Waite, Marketing Manager, expresses, “Rose is so full of energy. No matter your request, she finds a way to make it happen efficiently while keeping a smile on her face. I truly appreciate how accommodating Rose and her team has been through various office moves and Marketing needs among our branches.” She adds, “Our team would be the first to tell you she won’t sneak up on anyone with the jingling keys to every branch she oversees always hooked on her pocket!” Being proud of both her career at HFG and the daughters she raised brought an opportunity for one of them to work alongside her. Working in the Marketing Department under Kelsey for 3 years now, Monica and Mom/Rose get a chance to assemble in the break room together each day for lunch. And the lunch bunch is a hit, considering the laughter heard each afternoon and how the group continues to grow.

We are so lucky to have Rose as the captain of a critical aspect of our business that stays in line with our Mission: To satisfy the needs of our customers, we must function as a team to provide them with the highest quality of service.

3 words that best describe Rose: Make. It. Happen.

We are always looking for experienced professionals that are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining a corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us for more information on becoming a Homie: www.homeownersfg.com/careers


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