Veronica Materna “Value the person who gives you time. It’s not just time; they share a part of their life with you.”

“I have nightmares about the day she retires,” admits Licensed Mortgage Professional Brian McIntosh as he speaks about the subject of this month’s Homie Highlight, Veronica Materna. “There is so much about Veronica that makes her great at her job, but also makes her an amazing person. She doesn’t look at our loan files as ‘work’. Instead, she sees them as the people and families whose lives are positively impacted by our business. Her attitude is always to be the first one plugged in and the last one to step away.”

This focus on serving families is just a part of what Veronica brings to a client’s homeownership journey.

Veronica is a Processor III based in our Atlanta-Central, Georgia branch, where she’s been supporting our Southeast Region sales teams since January 2020. As a Processor, Veronica takes on a very central role in the loan life cycle by handling product guidelines and documentation requirements for each loan. She devotes her time and passion to each and every homeowner, finding joy in how teamwork truly makes the dream work.

“We had a young mother in South Carolina with a small child who was in need of a home quickly due to some personal issues,” Veronica explains. “Her Licensed Mortgage Professional and I met with Management and Underwriting to make sure we did everything we could to get the mother and her child into a safe home of their own. It was a complex transaction with multiple parties involved and lots of documentation needs, but we had a team up for the challenge. With everyone’s help, we were able to get this family into the home of their dreams. It made me feel proud to be part of such a wonderful group.”

When Veronica is not sharing her time and effort with homebuyers and homeowners, she enjoys being with family and friends. A fan of outdoor activities, her favorite is kayaking. Veronica paints a beautiful image as she reminisces about a recent adventure: “It is so peaceful on the water, especially when the sun comes up in the morning and the mist is rising off the water into the sunlight.”

The calmness she describes alongside the breaking sun is a perfect balance to the pressure and stress of the mortgage world. It’s this calmness that helps her pour positivity back into her work and energize fellow team members along the way.

Veronica’s value continues to shine as Licensed Mortgage Professional Michael Pitts professes his admiration: “I love everything about her and her great ability to solve challenges as they come up. She puts herself in the hopeful homeowner’s position and how they may respond to a situation. It’s a great reminder for us all when interacting with others.”

Michael also points out Veronica’s lighter side that is filled with laughter. “She does a ton for Homeowners Financial Group and for her family, all while managing customers in a pressing environment – and she never loses her sense of humor. It’s infectious.”

Branch Processing Manager Michael Blair shares even more adoration for Veronica. “She is one of the hardest working processors I’ve ever worked with,” he says. “She doesn’t say no and always tries to find a way to make the challenging files work. Over the last few months, she has flawlessly handled processing for a Licensed Mortgage Professional who moved to a new state, helped us onboard a new team in Georgia, and managed her existing pipeline full of SC Housing Authority files…all while being the #1 processor nationally for loans closed in February, May, and June of 2022!”

It’s no coincidence that a top processor would also be a top person and someone so well-respected by business and life associates alike. As we continue to support and encourage Veronica to do the most with the values she reflects, we also asked if she feels valued by our organization. Her answer was short and simple as she happily exclaimed, “Every day!”

3 words that best describe Veronica: Considerate. Loyal. Humble.

We are always looking for experienced professionals who are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining our corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us at homeownersfg.com/careers for more information on becoming a Homie.

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