Summer Protection

Summertime means that the sun is up, school is out, and the family vehicle is loaded up for a big vacation. Planning the trip can be exciting, and enjoying the R&R can recharge your battery, but don’t forget about home security before you leave!

  1. Occupy the Driveway – Ask a neighbor to park at your home from time to time giving the appearance that someone is there while you are away.
  2. Hold the Mail – Credit card offers come unsolicited frequently via mail, and leaving them sitting in your mailbox too long could make an easy target for identity theft.
  3. Lighting – Outdoor motion sensing lights are a big deterrent, and inexpensive timers or smart bulbs on the inside can make it seem like someone’s always home.

We’d also like to assist with your financial security by discussing another ongoing scam related to mortgage loans and wire fraud. First and foremost, if you receive an email from anyone requesting money to close your loan, pause. Fraudsters have become very good at appearing legitimate so don’t trust the phone numbers or links in the email. Even if you believe it to be a familiar source, always independently call your settlement company and ask them to confirm the request and provide the instructions again over the phone. Before sending a wire transfer, ask your bank for help identifying any red flags in the wiring instructions, and then confirm receipt of the wire transfer after it was transmitted. As a simple rule, it is always best to avoid communicating financial information via email, which is why HFG has an encrypted Borrower Portal. This allows our clients to securely deliver and receive documents during the loan process with a great piece of mind.

As always, we are here to help for any of your mortgage financing needs. We look forward to assisting you in the future!

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