One of the best things about homeownership is the sense of community, connection, and belonging that comes with it. Being nice to those who live near you is a great way to strengthen that sense, whether you’re a long-time homeowner or you’re looking forward to becoming one.

The list of things you can do to show kindness to your neighbors is practically endless, so we’ve whittled this one down to 10 of our favorites.

  1. Help with yard work. If you notice your neighbor is struggling to keep up with their lawn or garden, step up and lend a hand. You never know what someone is dealing with that could prevent them from being able to handle these household chores themselves. Helping out could make you their hero!
  2. Invite them over for a meal. Hosting a dinner party or cookout is always a great way to bring people together. Extend an invitation to a few of your neighbors and their families to come over for some good food and conversation!
  3. Run errands for them. Picking up groceries or dropping off a package at the post office can be a huge help and make a big difference, especially for someone who is elderly or has restricted mobility.
  4. Bring them a homemade treat. You’ll want to take potential dietary restrictions into consideration, but baking some cookies or muffins and dropping them off at your neighbor’s door can be a nice way to warm someone’s heart.
  5. Help with childcare. If there are some young children in your neighborhood, offering to watch them for a few hours can give the parents a much-needed break. If you have kids of your own, make it a play date. Maybe your neighbors will return the favor someday!
  6. Share your garden harvest. Nothing beats fresh produce, especially when it comes from your own yard. If you end up with a larger yield than you were expecting, hand off those fruits and veggies to other people on the block!
  7. Take their pet for a walk. There’s no better way for an animal lover to get some exercise, spend time with a furry friend, and help out a neighbor. These days, some people walk their cats as well as their dogs, so don’t forget the felines!
  8. Bring them a small gift. Something like a potted plant or a scented candle doesn’t cost a lot, but an unexpected present along those lines can definitely brighten someone’s day.
  9. Help with household repairs. If you’re handy around the house, be that way at your neighbor’s place too! Every homeowner will tell you there’s always something to repair, maintain, or upgrade in a home, so there should be plenty of opportunities to help out with your fix-it skills.
  10. Write a note of appreciation. Sometimes the simplest gesture can have the biggest impact. Writing down a few kind words and leaving them on your neighbor’s doorstep can really make someone smile, especially in the age of email and texting.

Here at Homeowners, we exist to improve the lives we touch, and our core values include maintaining an awareness of the needs of our communities and an ongoing commitment to service. These are simply the right things to do, and they’re also very neighborly, which dovetails nicely with the industry we’re in.

The next time you’re thinking about how you can improve someone’s life, consider starting with your own neighborhood. If you’re not yet a homeowner, you have all these warm-and-fuzzies to look forward to – and we’d be honored to help you with your purchase. Contact your local Homeowners Licensed Mortgage Professional today to get rolling on a home loan!

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