We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. 

So aptly observed by Aristotle. This resonates profoundly when we shine the spotlight on Tricia McKee, Processor I Team Lead at Homeowners Financial Group. Residing in Tucson, AZ, and originating from our Scottsdale corporate office, Tricia’s journey with us since 03/2017 has been nothing short of remarkable.  Tasked with the role of overseeing Processor I’s across all offices, Tricia is the epitome of consistent quality work and the embodiment of our organization’s ENCOURAGED value: “Our people are encouraged to use their unique talents to apply their personal stamp on their areas of expertise.” She brings a personal touch to her expertise, transforming routine into excellence with every file she meticulously crafts.

From the early morning buzz to the closing hours’ hum, Tricia’s daily tasks are performed with a smile that’s as contagious as it is genuine. From opening escrow, title, CPL, wiring instructions or poring over tax sheets to managing complex file documentation, Tricia’s role is the starting point to the overall flow of our operations. Her adeptness in utilizing tools like Encompass and the eFolder system is nothing short of masterful, guaranteeing that every Processor I under her guidance is equipped to follow up on files with the same level of care and attention. Her proactive contributions to our team efforts align seamlessly with her innate ability to keep departmental and company goals in the forefront, ensuring a cohesive push towards our success.

Reporting to Alise Stricklett, National Processing Manager, Tricia’s near seven-year tenure is a testament to her growth and commitment. Her detailed orientation and care for each loan is laudable, as expressed by Alise, “She has proven time and time again what a valuable asset she is to the processing team and Homeowners. Her attention to detail for each loan she handles and person she meets is impressive and she makes sure to impress those same traits into the Processor I’s on her team. In addition to leading Setup, she also singlehandedly manages all FHA/VA case transfers and appraisal transfers both in and out of the company. So if you’ve dealt with a transfer, you’ve likely had the pleasure of working with Tricia and see her amazing attitude and work ethic.”

Colleagues like Branch Manager and President’s Club producer Kristina Hernandez echo this sentiment. Tricia’s dedication to responding promptly, acting on requests with unmatched speed, and going above and beyond are just a few reasons why she is an indispensable asset to HFG and our team. “Tricia is always on point, she responds in record time to all emails, she acts on all requests with speed and efficiency, and above all goes out of her way to do things that some others may not think of doing.”  Kristina’s own rank in California for top CalHFA originator means she relies on her team for consistent excellence.  She adds a level of detail saying, “Instead of ordering the required Master policy on the Condo project online, and paying the fee for it, she took initiative and made a call. In simply speaking to someone we saved our Client $100.00 and got our answers without a cost. This is just one example why Trisha is so valuable to Homeowners and to my team.  Thank you, Tricia, for always being willing to jump in and assist in any way.”

But the joy doesn’t end when the office lights dim.  In her personal life, Tricia is just as vibrant and committed. She cherishes the time spent with her daughter Kam and revels in the pride of watching her son Cade’s football triumphs. Her favorite time of year is the holiday season, which she spends immersed in joyous celebrations with her extended family, and her passion for renovating and designing properties showcases her creative flair.  With her family as her canvas, she paints memories with the same passion she brings to her work.

As Marianna Thompson, Processing Team Lead, puts it, working with Tricia offers peace of mind, her professionalism is infused with warmth and humor, making every interaction a warming one. “Working with Tricia in the fast past environment that we do, where details matter, she is the consummate professional.  Thorough, speed to reply, always kind aaaand funny! Really what are we doing if we aren’t having some fun too?! She has a way of making you feel like she was just sitting there waiting for your request for assistance, when in reality she is juggling so many co-workers and other requests.  I am honored to work alongside her and so thankful to have her support!”   Tricia McKee is a shining example of what it means to apply one’s unique talents to their work, leaving an indelible mark of excellence. Her dependability, coupled with her joyful dedication to both her professional and personal life, makes her not just a valued team lead, but a cherished member of the Homeowners family. Here’s to Tricia, who turns the everyday into extraordinary and the habitual into exceptional.

3 words that best describe Tricia: Committed. Consistent. Delightful.

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