Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure for the whole crew – animals included! At Homeowners Financial Group, we exist to improve the lives we touch, and that goes for pets too. Whether your non-human companions are feline, canine, or both, here are some points to ponder so you can help them navigate your next move safely and comfortably.

Get your pet ready in advance. If your dog or cat will be riding in a carrier to your destination, leave it out in the living room or bedroom for a few weeks before the move. Toss a favorite toy or some treats inside so they’ll feel good about being in the carrier.

Find a trusted pet sitter on moving day. You’ll be more productive without having an anxious pup or kitty underfoot, and your pets will appreciate being away from the hustle and bustle.

Familiarize yourself with any pet-related restrictions. Rules are rules, especially if there’s a homeowners association. Many municipalities and HOAs have rules about sizes, breeds, or the number of pets allowed per household. Research your new community’s guidelines thoroughly to avoid any surprises later on.

Pet-proof your new abode. Just like human toddlers, pets are curious creatures, prone to exploring every nook and cranny of a new environment. Look for potential hazards inside and out, like toxic plants, exposed wires, and open water sources. Secure loose cords, install pet gates if needed, and check for any gaps or holes in the fencing.

Get your pets settled at their new destination. Be sure to update your pet’s microchip with your new address and double check that your contact information is correct. Then, take your dog (and maybe even your cat) on frequent walks in the new neighborhood to get him or her used to the sights and smells. They might even meet some new playmates!

A new home should be a haven where wagging tails, peaceful purrs, and playful antics create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all. We hope these tips make for a smooth transition, and of course we’d be honored to handle your home financing. Contact your local Homeowners Licensed Mortgage Professional today to find the right mortgage option for you and your pet-friendly family!

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