These days, a lot of people have more clothes and shoes than their closets can accommodate. Even though most modern homes are designed with ample closet space, sometimes even that isn’t enough for serious fashionistas.

And if you’re living in or have your eye on an older home, the chances are pretty good that the closets are tiny by today’s standards. Decades ago, homeowners didn’t seem to hold onto as much apparel and footwear as they do now.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for this first-world problem if you just put your mind to it – and if you have someone like us to offer suggestions and inspiration!

Here are the things you need if you’re looking for the answer to a very common question:

How can I transform an extra room into a walk-in closet?

Let’s start with the obvious:

First, you need a spare room. You probably don’t want to displace a family member from a bedroom just so you can create more storage space. Sacrificing a dedicated dining room for the same purpose is probably a bit extreme as well. But if there’s truly a room in your current house (or the one you want to buy) that isn’t getting any use, go for it!

Then, you need some storage racks. Count how many pairs of shoes you own and peruse your favorite retailers for the sizes and styles of racks you’ll need to display them all. Then do the same for your clothes and accessories. Be sure to choose racks that look great, as they’ll likely be visible unless you can fit them all in your chosen room’s existing closet. Either way, aesthetics are important. After all, this is a dream closet!

Now add some furniture. If you really want a full-on glam room, a sit-down vanity with a mirror and possibly a chaise lounge or some other plush piece are among the necessities. Don’t be shy about pulling out all the stops; just be aware that you might not want to spend time in any other room of your house when you’re done!

If you have the space, put in an island. Yep, we said an island! They’re not just for kitchens anymore! The room has to be big enough, of course, so everything doesn’t feel cramped or crowded, but an island can provide the extra drawer space you’re not getting from the dressers in your bedroom. It’ll look impressive, too!

Last but not least, don’t forget the finishing touches. You’ve come too far to stop now, so go all the way with a fancy light fixture and an eye-catching rug or two. Pass on the ceiling fan and install a dangly chandelier if your ceilings are high enough, and maybe choose an animal print for the floor if you’re feeling bold!

If our article has inspired you to go glam and craft your dream closet, we can help – either with a renovation loan or cash-out refinance loan for your existing home, or a mortgage on a new home where you can make your vision a reality. Contact your local Homeowners Licensed Mortgage Professional today!

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