Living together in a home you can call your own should be fun and exciting for every couple, whether you’re recently married, celebrating a milestone anniversary, or simply seeing how well you cohabitate together before you make a bigger commitment. As anyone who’s done it can tell you, it can also be a bit of a challenge.

But there are ways to minimize the minor downsides of sharing a living space with someone else, and it helps if your home has these seven amenities:

Dual vanities

Jockeying for position at the bathroom sink is never fun, especially when you’re both getting ready for work or a night out at the same time. That’s why some smart person came up with the idea of putting two sinks in the main bathroom, either in a single vanity or two separate vanities. Most newer homes have them; if you have your eye on an older home, you might have to install them. But these are a must for keeping the peace in your household.

Two-car garage

Maybe you both have your own car. Maybe one is a shared daily driver and the other is a Sunday Funday ride. Either way, you’ll want to have garage space for both of them (and ideally a double-wide driveway as well) not only for the security and longevity of your vehicles, but to keep you from having to ask your partner to back one car out of the driveway to clear the way for the other.

Plenty of closet space

People certainly seem to be accumulating more clothes and shoes these days. When you put two people under the same roof, the amount of personal stuff doubles (at least). Couples need a place to put it all, either in separate spaces or a single, giant closet. As is the case with vanities, newer homes will likely already have ample closet space, while older homes might require adding an armoire or two or converting a smaller extra bedroom into a standalone closet.

Large main bedroom

While it’s true that couples should be all about togetherness, sometimes you need a little elbow room. A main bedroom large enough to accommodate a king bed (or at least a queen) is essential. If there’s extra room for a sitting area, even better!

Mancave / Lady Lair

Staying on the subject of personal space, everyone needs a place in the house they can call their own. Having a dedicated room where each partner can escape to occasionally indulge in their own hobbies, interests, and decorating flair can really contribute positively to a harmonious living arrangement.

Soaking tub

Having a spa-like oasis under your own roof should be the dream of every couple, and not just newlyweds. No such oasis is complete without a tub that can take all your stress away when you need the perfect place to truly relax.

Slow-close toilet seats

These are an easy upgrade to any home, and they might be the most important modification of all for couples that have at least one person who prefers to have the toilet seat down at all times. A flick of the wrist is all it takes to make that happen without the loud noise of the seat slamming down at full speed.

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