A few blogs ago, we highlighted some “did you know” moments related to homes and homeownership. We limited ourselves to four, but we knew there were plenty more.

Now we’re making it a baker’s dozen by adding another nine factoids to the list – and at least one of them is downright scary!

It’s considered bad form to give a knife as a housewarming gift. Superstitious people believe it will turn the recipient into your enemy. Actually, how you walk in the door holding that knife is more likely to determine whether you’re a friend or foe, but you probably shouldn’t show up with one at all.

On the subject of housewarming, the concept originated from the need to literally warm up the house. Guests would bring firewood for the new fireplace, thus the name. But what if the home has a gas fireplace? Maybe bring all the ingredients for indoor s’mores instead.

And on the subject of food, when you first enter your new house, bring bread so those in the home will never know hunger. A little olive oil for dipping is good, too. Bacon-infused olive oil? Even better (and yes, apparently there is such a thing, because…bacon).

Also, take along a new broom. You don’t have to break the bank when buying a new one, but bringing an old broom into a new home is considered an invitation to bad luck.

New York homeowners must comply with a “Ghostbusters Ruling” when listing their property for sale. This involves disclosing whether any ghosts inhabit or frequently visit the home. It’s anyone’s guess what that looks like on the appraisal.

The most common street name in the U.S. is “Second.” Oddly, “Third” comes in second place, and “First” is in third place. Only in America!

The median size of a new home for the U.S. in 2021 was 2,338 square feet. So much for downsizing and the tiny home movement. In fact, it seems like some modern closets approach 2,000 square feet on their own!

Brass, copper, aluminum, iron, and silver are essentially self-disinfecting materials. Good news for those who are avoiding touching door handles due to the pandemic! It’s called the oligodynamic effect, and as an antimicrobial metal, brass leads the list of sanitizing materials. However, the reaction does take some time. We recommend striking a sophisticated pose as you hold onto the nearest door handle for as long as you can.

As interest rates on 30-year mortgages have moved up in 2022, you should know that the all-time high was established in October 1981, when they hit an astronomical 18.45 percent. Nostalgia for all things ’80s can be fun when it comes to music and movies, but not when it comes to mortgage rates!

And there you have it, several more bits of trivia you can impress your friends with. Maybe they even made you more interested in buying a home! If so, your local Homeowners Licensed Mortgage Professional is here to help you with the financing – and at a rate that’ll likely be considerably less than what was available 40-plus years ago!

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