The holidays are officially upon us! This time of year often includes spending on gifts for family and friends, decorations for the house, or your favorite seasonal holiday drink, so it’s important to have a budget in place. If you’re looking to avoid those post-holiday debt blues, here a few helpful tips to keep you from breaking the bank:

  1. Make money and get organized! Clean out your garage and home and consider selling the things you don’t use or think about anymore. You can also utilize online marketplaces to simplify the selling process. You’ll be thankful for the extra cash and the opportunity to declutter your home!
  2. Why not save automatically? There are several online tools and apps that will round up your change and auto-save for you in a separate account, making this one of the easiest ways to start saving.
  3. Expenses can add up quickly this time of year, so it’s important to keep your spending in check. There are numerous mobile apps available to help you track your spending in real time that even tie directly into your checking account. This way, you always know where you stand.
  4. You don’t have to deal with crazy Black Friday crowds to take advantage of sales and discounts! Many stores offer special online promotions around the holidays, so it may be worthwhile to sign up for company email lists to make your purchases at the right time.
  5. Have you considered potential increases in your home’s value? You may be able to maximize the equity by refinancing, which would in turn provide extra cash or allow you to pay off debts that may have significantly changed.

A great financial plan always includes an annual mortgage review from your HFG Licensed Mortgage Professional. Life changes including new additions to the family, job promotions, or moving up to the next home are just a few reasons to check if your current mortgage is still right for you today.

Schedule your annual review with us today to ensure a strong financial future for 2020!

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