“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” -John Wooden, Basketball Coaching Legend. Wooden also stated, “The most important thing in the world is family and love,” and at Homeowners Financial Group, we spread the love to our employees. This month’s Highlight explains, “There is a Homie Recognition Wall that is available for your peers to congratulate you on your tenure with the company. After 1 year and still feeling like one of the new Homies, I avoided my recognition wall for 2 or 3 days convincing myself no one would take the time to acknowledge my anniversary. Boy was I wrong! Reading the kind words my Homies left really helped me settle into my role here at HFG. Thank you all, and shout out to the Homie Recognition Wall! Things like that matter.”

Cortney Suell joined HFG in September of 2017 and works as a Servicing Financial Specialist out of the Scottsdale, AZ Corporate office. As part of our Accounting & Finance team, Cortney is the point guard in ensuring customer satisfaction after their mortgage loan closes. Officemate Maggie Provencher illustrates his cool demeanor: “I enjoy sitting near Cortney and hearing him guide our clients through any needs they have in the best Jazz Radio DJ voice. I know anyone he interacts with is getting a great experience, and probably wants to call him back just to chat.” This demeanor is a huge asset to our clients and we believe is just the start of his success with us. In speaking about his future with the organization, he “believes there will be opportunities to grow and take on new responsibilities in the future.”

When Cortney is not assisting our clients or showing off his million dollar smile around the office, he is making a difference and is also a major foodie! “I find my peace in this world while spending time with loved ones, dining at new restaurants to experience different foods from various cultures, and helping our youth develop their basketball skill sets,” he explains. Cortney is humble about his role as a mentor for young men is his community. While volunteering to coach youth sports can be a deep commitment, he decided to go a step further to create and oversee a full-blown youth basketball program. Teaching basketball is important, but moreso he teaches character, responsibility and teamwork – all qualities that Cortney personifies.

Back at the office, Cortney enjoys the numerous events and contests we do annually that generally involve food. He is the first one to coordinate pizza days and is always trying to bring more people into the group to break bread. “Food has a way to bring people together,” he professes. At HFG, we know the F stands for Family (or Food in this case!) and appreciate his willingness to bring a family vibe to work each and every day. Cortney’s favorite workday each year, like many Homies, is the State of the Union recently held in April. Serving as a volunteer for the event, the Registration Team helped over 300 attendees have an amazing experience at the best SOTU yet! At the afterparty at Rawhide, it was announced that he took the grand prize by completing the networking game card and will soon be off to Portland, OR for a weekend paid by HFG.

3 words that best describe Cortney: Engaging, Giving, Kind

We are always looking for experienced professionals that are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining a corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us for more information on becoming a Homie: www.homeownersfg.com/careers


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