“A Good Life is when you Assume Nothing, Do More, Need Less, Smile Often, Dream Big, Laugh a Lot, and Realize How Blessed You Are.”

A fitting quote for this month’s Highlight, who seems to incorporate each aspect of the sentence both in her work life and life outside of work. Finding that balance is important, and we share this point of view. She explains her first impression of Homeowners Financial Group: “From the moment I interviewed with HFG, I just knew this was the company for me. The focus from my interviewing manager was on ‘the person’ not the ‘place to work’.” She adds, “Once I came on board and started to underwrite loans and perform my responsibilities, it was obvious I made the right choice.” As she Assumes Nothing, we see the confidence in her hard work and daily accomplishments that will allow her to grow within the Company.

Michele Rosenberger is an Underwriting Team Lead who joined HFG in June 2017 and will be celebrating her 3rd Homieversary next month. Hired initially as a full-time remote employee in Wisconsin, she has also been a huge help in providing efficiency tips to other Homies while physical branch locations are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 (HFG remains fully operational and working remotely for our Clients and Partners!). As an Underwriter, her primary responsibility is evaluation, review and decisioning of loan applications based on investor guidelines. As a Team Lead, she likes to Do More ensuring that her team is adequately informed of program guidelines and underwriting practices and always available for escalations. VP of Operations Cindy Baird praises her efforts, “Michele is a very knowledgeable Underwriter and a great resource for her team. She takes a lot of pride in her work, which not only benefits her co-workers but also our Clients during the underwriting stage of their mortgage transaction.”

While Smiling Often and Laughing a Lot, Michele and her husband are surrounded by all things sports-related. The short summers are filled with sunny afternoons hitting the links, and she Dreams Big of a hole-in-one someday. As winter settles in and the clubs are put away, they shine up the bowling ball and hit the Pioneer Bowl as part of a couples league. Dominating this past season, they took home the top trophy and won the league. They are also diehard Cheeseheads – so you can always find a Packers game on the TV on Sundays!

Back at work, Michele reflects on the importance of relationships, citing her first all-company State of the Union in 2018. “I was able to meet the many individuals I had been working with from the Midwest and Florida regions. We had so much fun hanging out together and getting to know each other. It made me so proud to work with some of the most professional and fun Mortgage Originators in the Industry. I feel like we have become family.” Homeowners Financial Group looks forward to the appropriate time to come together as a family and celebrate our successes at the next State of the Union. As we all Realize How Blessed We Are, she leaves us with a lasting note, “The day I stop having fun, is the day I Hang up my Cleats.”

3 words that best describe Michele: Funny. Reliable. Smart.

We are always looking for experienced professionals that are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining a corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us for more information on becoming a Homie: www.homeownersfg.com/careers

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