The author Charles R. Swindoll once said, ‘The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.’ Today, we put the spotlight on our Mortgage Support Team, the behind-the-scenes titans whose relentless attention to detail propels Homeowners Financial Group from good to great.

Introducing Meghan Kiarsis and Nick Cozadd

Meghan Kiarsis, based in our corporate office in Metro Phoenix, AZ, has been serving as a Mortgage Support Analyst since December 2016. Meghan, who is teaching herself to make tortillas from scratch, has an unwavering passion for her role, and her commitment shines through her dedication. Beyond the confines of her role, Meghan’s loyalty to her family and friends, her fondness for brunch, and her love for decorating and refurbishing furniture highlights her multifaceted personality.

Brian Ruzycki, Chief Technology Officer, shares his perspective on Meghan’s invaluable role on the team, “Meghan has been a rock for our support team for the last 6+ years.  Time and time again, she demonstrates not just skill, but a genuine passion for what we do, and always with an infectious smile.  Her contributions remind us all of the difference one individual can make.”

Meanwhile, Nick Cozadd, who hails from Cumming, just outside of Atlanta, GA, joined the Homeowners Financial Group family in March 2020. Nick, a devoted Dallas Cowboys fan, fills his weekends with family activities with his wife and their three beautiful children, with NFL football fervently playing in the background. His past stint as a DJ/on-air personality for WQLZ radio station hints at his ability to handle varied requests seamlessly. Whether it’s a pressing issue early in the day or a minute detail that others might overlook, Nick’s watchful eyes catch them all.

Brian Ruzycki CTO underlines Nick’s commitment to his craft, “As a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, Nick is alright, alright, alright with our Texas Homies. Nick is positioned within Mortgage Support to support our earlier time zones, critical with our growth in the South and Southeast, and to help us resolve any issues at the start of our day.  He is dedicated to serving this great Homeowners family with guidance that allows them to serve our Clients with the dream of home ownership.”

Answering The Call

In an organization, support is the backbone. And our Mortgage Support Analysts are nothing short of the vertebrae that keep us standing tall. This role involves being a subject matter expert for HFG applications and technologies, collaborating with vendors to maintain efficient platform use by our employees, and their daily tasks might seem routine – from managing helpdesk calls to assisting with password resets. However, Meghan and Nick have transcended the conventional. They are not just addressing issues; they’re anticipating them. Their supreme focus lies in serving both our employees and clients with unparalleled attention to detail. Every request, irrespective of its magnitude or urgency, receives their undivided attention. Their proactive approach in providing direction, guidance, and even education ensures that everyone feels supported and empowered.

Beyond Their Job Descriptions

Meghan and Nick are not just analysts. They respond, guide, and assist – from the seemingly simple task of a password reset to the intricacies of system management. But it’s their acute attention to detail, unwavering focus, and ability to treat every request, small or large, with the same urgency that sets them apart. Tammy Boldt, Branch Manager and LICENSED MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL, summarizes their essence, “Meghan and Nick are always willing to jump in and answer the questions that sometimes you are embarrassed to admit you don’t know how to do. No judgmental tone and they always explain the why so it is easy to remember the next time.”

Living the ‘WE’ Values

The values of Homeowners Financial Group are encapsulated with the acronym for HOMEOWNERS and resonates further in the acronym “WE”, with this team:

W for Winners: lead by example, position our people to win, and install confidence in them so we can achieve great things together.

E for Empowers: Provide our people with the tools to be successful.

Meghan and Nick are trailblazers, ensuring that every interaction is a win, not just for them, but for the entire Homeowners family.  Knowledge is power, and this duo ensures everyone has access to it by supporting every employee to be their best and allow everyone to win.

Testament of Excellence

Kris Salmons, LOS Manager, delineates their unparalleled dedication, “Meghan and Nick are unsung heroes. The fact they respond to approximate ~1000 support tickets on a monthly basis, including outbound calls to customers, reflects a level of support that is rarely found in this business. They go about their job with willing and positive attitudes, reinforcing the mission statement of our company. Homeowners is extremely fortunate to have Meghan and Nick as the face of our mortgage support effort.”

Further, Kris adds, “While Nick’s allegiance to the Cowboys raises eyebrows, his reliability is unquestionable. I know there are certain tasks I can ask of Nick, that go above and beyond the scope of his role. He’ll complete those tasks willingly and with excellent quality, adding value to efforts taking place outside of mortgage support. As hard as Nick works for Homeowners, he’s an even harder working husband and father whose love and care for his family is evident daily.”

“I’m not sure what I or we would do without Meghan,” Kris continues. “Since I started in my role here, she has been a constant source of help, knowledge, and collaboration. Meghan cares deeply about the company’s success and the efforts we make to improve our processes and procedures. She contributes a lot behind the scenes, in addition to her work in Mortgage Support, to help move new initiatives along and to ensure the work being done is in lockstep with our existing workflows. Meghan also represents the company in a great light outside the daily work she performs by taking part in volunteer efforts which I find very inspiring.”

Meghan and Nick stand as shining examples of what dedication, commitment, and attention to detail can achieve. Their relentless service and unparalleled focus on every task, big or small, ensures that Homeowners Financial Group remains a beacon of excellence in the industry. It’s an embodiment of Homeowners’ passion: to invest deeply in our people. Witnessing such dedication amongst our employees, reflecting our values and ethos, fills us with immense pride. We believe in nurturing and empowering our teams, and it’s heartening to see this spirit reflected so vividly in Meghan and Nick’s contributions. Their excellence is a testament not just to their individual capabilities but to the supportive, passionate environment Homeowners Financial Group cultivates.

3 words that best describe Meghan/Nick:  Patient. Productive. Partners.  

We are always looking for experienced professionals who are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining our corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us at homeownersfg.com/careers for more information on becoming a Homie.

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