“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” -Harry S. Truman

‘Behind the scenes’ is an expression commonly used to describe extremely hard work not always noticed by the public. Homeowners Financial Group is proud to recognize a vital department of those who serve the company and our clients at the highest level. The Post Closing Department simply goes about their business with an equal part in making the American dream come true for so many families that we are thankful to assist with their mortgage needs.

2Renea Aderhold, Post Closing Manager, explains the role of the team she manages: “The post-closing team takes a loan file after the loan closing and completes the entire rest of the process – stacking, auditing, scanning, insuring, completing final Closing Disclosures, delivery to investors and agencies, endorsing and shipping the notes, working with investors and warehouse banks, sale to the investors, delivery to sub servicers, finalizing trailing documents, audits of all kinds, and everything else that does not fall into the normal process!” As noted by Renea here, there is plenty to do after a client receives the keys to their dream home. While we celebrate the closing, their work just begins and they absolutely shine.

Our team consists of the following employees who have been with HFG ranging back to 2012: Renea Aderhold, Brent Beeny, Bea Wolnoski, Rosa Lopez-Hernandez, Barbara Podger, Jondy Oblinger, Lucas Aderhold, Margaret Hunt, Dea Powell, Maranda Bauer, Carol Krause, Brandi O’Loughlin and Pasha Yeager. Each has their own set of responsibilities and contribution, yet as a complete unit, Renea adds, “The team we have assembled has been phenomenal in their jobs, turn times, determination, and dedication. We have a group of ‘essential workers’ that must be in the office and then the rest are remote (totally new concept for the group). They continue to keep up and exceed everyone’s expectations, even in these unprecedented times and volumes!”

HFG’s values since its founding in 2004 continue to be evident throughout this group:

H being Homeownership, which is our business and the pride this teams has on hitting the finish line being second to none. Team member Carol Krause, with us since 2016, knows that the team’s attention to detail is what ensures top notch service. “As many years I have been doing this my goal has always been to serve the borrower and make their experience smooth and that they will be a repeat consumer again,” she says.

F being Family, where Post Closing Supervisor Brent Beeny emphasizes, “I would definitely say the team is like a family. We are all close and work really well together. We are lucky and grateful to have the team we do. Every member of the team is willing to jump in to help one another and are all team players.”

G being Giving Back, and there is no question why so many are also members of our Culture Committee, cultivating their strong sense of giving back to our local communities. Team member Pasha Yeager co-chaired an HFG Family Day (pre-COVID-19) where we enjoyed each other’s company and strengthened relationships during a great non-workday together.

HFG focuses on the entire experience for our employees and our clients. Nelson De Leon, Chief Operating Officer provides an overall view of the impact and appreciation of our employees saying,  “In the mortgage business, every department and every person within all departments, plays a vital role; however, we sometimes overlook the importance of the Post Closing department. Without loan sales, a company’s ability to close loans would exhaust. It’s also important to point out how closely together a Post Closing department has to work in order to accomplish their daily tasks and how difficult that is during these unprecedented times of remote work. Well rest assured that our group led by Renea Aderhold and Brent Beeny have done an amazing job! They’ve met each and every challenge with professionalism and a sense of urgency and pride. I am proud of each and every Homie in the Post Closing department. Thank you for all you do!”

Using the same compass from day one to guide the decision-making and management of the organization, an impactful Value statement rings true: Our people are encouraged to use their own unique talents to put their personal stamp on the areas they touch. “We have team members specialized in their roles who do a fantastic job keeping our loans moving smoothly and efficiently through the post-close process,” Brent notes. “We continue to cross-train each member of the team on each aspect of the process, so everyone on the team is ready to grow and expand.” Homeowners Financial Group appreciates the ongoing efforts of the Post Closing Department and will continue to provide you with the tools, training, support and leadership to continue your journey with us.

We are always looking for experienced professionals that are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining a corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us for more information on becoming a Homie: www.homeownersfg.com/careers

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