“Our business is about technology, yes. But it’s also about operations and customer relationships.” – Michael Dell

Having recently opened a new branch in Austin, TX, a quote from the founder of Dell computer technology company was perfectly in line for this month’s Highlight. With technology existing now in all facets of life and the mortgage industry, we recognize those who understand the balance between supporting the machines and supporting the people who use the machines.

Tyler Lovett recently celebrated his fourth Homieversary starting with HFG in February 2016. In his role as Help Desk Technician, he and his teammates are charged every day with making sure our employee base has functioning technology. Being based at our Corporate office in Arizona, that includes a lot of time on email and phone assisting his fellow Homies. Providing top level service is his goal where he commonly provides his cell phone number, ending a lot of conversations with ‘if you need anything just text me.’

“The Marketing department is in charge of publishing the Homie Hot Shots, a platform where employees recognize each other, and there hasn’t been a month WITHOUT Tyler being mentioned,” says Kelsey Waite, Marketing Manager. “People are constantly thanking Tyler for going above and beyond in everything he does. When Tyler leans in to help, you can be confident that your question will be resolved in a timely manner and that he will be available right away to assist. His service is truly invaluable.”

As our new Austin, TX location opened, Tyler was given a very tight window to build and ship 9 complete workstations so that top producers Aaron Page, Monica Jenkins and their teams could be fully functioning on day 1. “He made me look really good in front of our newest employees,” explains Brandon Durham, Production Support Manager. “I arrived at the new office to onboard the team and Tyler provided a great first impression by allowing us to be instantly effective.” We have become accustomed to this level of quality and continue to depend on Tyler to deliver.

When asked about his future Tyler reflects on his tenure, stating, “I feel like I will have a long career here at HFG. I’ve learned more here in the 4 years then I have anywhere else I’ve worked, and I think this is a great environment for me to grow. A big reason why I enjoy my current role is the ability to interact with our employees. Every day I get to build or establish relationships across all 35 branches while providing the assistance they need to be productive.” Homeowners Financial Group is excited to be part of that growth and providing the support to continue to excel.

3 words that best describe Tyler: Eager. Reliable. Determined.

We are always looking for experienced professionals that are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining a corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us for more information on becoming a Homie: www.homeownersfg.com/careers

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