The fall and winter months bring cooler temperatures to many parts of the country, which usually sends people running inside to wait for warmer weather to return. But this year, as people spend more time at home, they’re looking for ways to continue using outdoor spaces even when the weather isn’t ideal. Here are five ways you can make your outdoor living areas more comfortable all year long.

  1. Heating and cooling. Fans, portable heaters, air conditioners and heat lamps that are safe to use outside can make extreme temperatures more tolerable, giving you more opportunities to enjoy time outside.
  2. Provide cover. Building a roof can help protect you from the sun, rain and even the snow. Permanent or retractable screens will keep the bugs out and curtains provide privacy.
  3. Lighting. If you want to be able to see your guests when the sun starts setting early, invest in outdoor lighting. There are lots of options to choose from to illuminate your space, including outdoor floor lamps, hanging lanterns, spotlights and string lights.
  4. Weather-resistant furniture. You probably don’t want to stand around for hours at a time, so weather-resistant furniture is a must. Choose materials that can stand up to the hot sun, pouring rain and driving snow. And consider getting a container to store furniture cushions when you’re not using them. They’ll last longer that way.
  5. Decorate. This holiday season will likely be a little different than previous years. If you want to bring some holiday cheer to your household and neighbors, consider decorating your outdoor spaces.

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