Hunting For Eggs… Or Homes?

This time of year brings a U.S. tradition of hiding plastic eggs filled with sweet treats or even money, and letting the children run around the yard searching to fill their baskets. Here are a few other ways people celebrate Easter around the world:

  1. Florence, Italy – An ornate cart packed with fireworks is led through the streets by people in colorful costumes.
  2. Finland – Children dress up like witches and go door-to-door searching for chocolate and treats.
  3. Poland – The time around Easter is chilly here, as tradition has boys pouring water over each with anything they can get their hands on, including squirt guns or buckets of water.
  4. Corfu, Greece – On this island, residents participate in a pot-throwing tradition, where clay pottery is tossed from windows and balconies and shattered on the streets below.

Hunting for homes can sometimes feel like opening a mystery egg – you hope to receive a prize and not be disappointed about what ends up inside! At HFG, we want to assist you with a proper hunt by first prequalifying you for the maximum home purchase price. This is a critical first step before you are ready to start your home search. By involving not only your Real Estate Agent, but also your HFG Licensed Mortgage Professional, you are more likely to make a smart, informed offer and can show your Seller that you are already prequalified to buy.


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