Love Where You Live

Neighborhood, defined as a “district or locality often with reference to its character,” can mean much more to a lot of us. It can mean the best schools, being close to grandma, or experiencing the vibrant local art district. No matter how you define it, finding the right neighborhood can be tricky. We understand that there are many important factors in choosing which one to call yours. So whether you are looking to purchase a home in a certain area or refinance the one you already have, Homeowners Financial Group has some new tools to help you love where you live.

Our new automated search functions provide detailed analyses including cost of living details and will compare your searched area to national averages, even in categories such as entertainment and utilities. The Commute tool shows average commutes based on typical drive times and traffic around town. And of course, we can provide recent home sales and even rent versus own statistics if that interests you.

We want to be your neighborhood expert! Contact us today so we can provide any information you may need to make smart home financing decisions.


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