Landscaping & Spring Cleaning

Although Punxsutawney Phil did confirm 6 more weeks of winter this year, the Spring season is upon us! As the sun comes out and the flowers begin to bloom, this is the time of year where homeowners muster the energy for a big spring cleaning. Whether you are just looking to tidy up the property for another great year in your home, or creating that perfect curb appeal to put it on the market for sale, here are some tips to maximize your spend:

  1. Quiet the Clutter – Bicycles are great for family exercise but should be put away after use. Buyers want to imagine the house with their own possessions, not yours. Installing hanging bike racks is a simple fix and can add to the storage quality of any garage.
  2. Home Sweet Home – The entryway after a long day of work can provide a calming effect when you arrive home. Painting the front door with a vibrant color and framing it with perennial plants is an easy way to add style for you and your guests to enjoy.
  3. Act Like a Buyer – What would you want if you were the house hunter? Taking this point of view generally can provide motivation to power wash the exterior, trim and edge the grass, and fix a paver or two in the driveway. Despite a full weekend commitment, this only takes some elbow grease and not much out of the wallet!

If you do plan on hitting the market this season, or are interested in refinancing for larger Spring projects, give us a call today. We can discuss the current rate environment and any financing options that may meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


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