HFG: “F” Stands for “Family”

This time of year is known for giving thanks and family activities. At HFG, we like to say the “F” stands for “Family,” and we want to take this opportunity to express how thankful we are to our client family for trusting us with your mortgage financing needs. In the days of internet house hunting and rate shopping, we have a firm belief that our personal service is what delivers a superior experience. If you have family members or friends who may be looking to purchase or refinance a home, please pass along my contact information so that I may provide expert guidance throughout the mortgage process. Thank you in advance!


Each November we sit down together and enjoy a meal reflecting on the abundance we are fortunate enough to have, and share moments with our loved ones such as touch football games in the yard, midday naps and even holiday shopping trips. This year, we wanted to add some new ideas for Thanksgiving traditions:

  1. Butcher Paper as Tablecloth –  Have each person write what they are thankful for directly on the table and then use it to share with the others. What’s more, you can tear off special ones for scrapbooks.
  2. Parents Sit at the Kids Table – Why not flip flop and sit at the card table? Some of the best memories include sticking olives on fingertips and a bit of irreverence.
  3. Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies – Write down reasons to be thankful on paper and then follow a DIY recipe for rolling these up into your own homemade fortune cookies! When a family member opens it up, they can read their reason to the table.


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