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We are like books. Most people only see our cover, the minority only read the introduction, many people believe the critics. Few will know our content. – Émile Zola

In the ever-evolving world of mortgage lending, where transactions can be reduced to mere numbers, there exists a guiding force that sees each client’s journey as a unique and heartfelt narrative. Meet Terry Lundsford, an esteemed Regional Underwriting Manager at Homeowners Financial Group since 2019, whose commitment to treating clients as family creates a tapestry of homeownership dreams.

Crafting Unique Narratives:

At Homeowners the goal is not simply closing deals but rather creating an unforgettable experience for each client—a personalized journey that feels like a unique family scenario. Like the words of Émile Zola, many may see the outward appearance, perceiving clients solely as mortgage applicants. However, Terry understands that every client’s story is distinct, filled with aspirations and dreams that deserve to be acknowledged and nurtured.

Embracing Dreams of Homeownership:

In her role Terry holds certain keys to turning dreams into reality. For her, the journey of homeownership goes beyond the realm of finances—it’s about fulfilling cherished aspirations and building a foundation for a brighter future. Whether it’s a young family looking for their first home, a couple envisioning their dream retreat, or a seasoned investor seeking opportunities, Terry treats each scenario as a unique chapter in their lives.

The Heart of the Journey:

Much like an author investing time to understand the characters of their novel, Terry takes the time to know her clients—their hopes, their struggles, and their desires. Rachelle Coffey, a Top Producing Licensed Mortgage Professional, highlights Terry’s commitment to understanding every aspect of the clients’ needs. “When I think about the best way to describe Terry my first thoughts would be honesty commitment and not afraid to get to work. This is a positively unique trait as others in her role do not get involved in the day to day or dive into the needs of our families. Others are there for the big manager like issues but NOT Terry, she is there for it all. She is always willing to jump in and help with anything from signing off conditions – to underwriting files in a pinch – to helping you figure out where the loan fits. She is always positive, always has a smile and ready to get things done. Her genuine care and positive attitude turn the process of underwriting into a partnership—a collaboration toward the shared dream of homeownership.  She is a class act, and I am honored to be associated with her.”

Beyond the Pages:

As with any well-crafted novel, Terry’s life extends beyond the professional lines. Beyond the challenging world of mortgage underwriting, she has explored various personal passions. An enthusiastic cook, a skilled baker, and a resilient gardener, she conquers the arid Arizona climate with her green thumb. And just like a captivating plot twist, Terry’s life took her on a path of powerlifting, showcasing her tenacity and strength, achieving a personal best of a 310-pound deadlift. Moreover, the pages of her life recount her prowess as a sharpshooter at the gun range, revealing her inner “bad ass,” a facet not commonly associated with her professional persona. Indeed, Terry Lundsford’s story proves that beyond the office walls, she is an individual of diverse talents and interests.

Words of Appreciation:

Amy Hall, a friend first and Licensed Mortgage Professional, praises Terry’s gift for putting files together seamlessly, which paves the way to the finish line. “I couldn’t do it without her that’s for sure!”  Her expertise and open-mindedness in finding solutions are invaluable, making the homeownership journey smoother for all involved.

Suzy Anderson, member of the Coffey Team alongside Rachelle, acknowledges Terry’s personable nature, describing her as always approachable and willing to lend a caring ear. This quality is a testament to Terry’s commitment to forming genuine connections with her clients and colleagues alike.

A Chapter of Gratitude:

Our sales partners who have been embraced by Terry’s guidance and support have nothing but praise for her remarkable approach. Their stories narrate the gratitude they feel for having an underwriting manager who truly cares about their clients dreams. Ivette Bierly, Licensed Mortgage Professional, admires Terry’s unwavering dedication to helping others. “Terry is a breath of fresh air, her kindness, professionalism and the will to ALWAYS help is to admire and cherish. We need more individuals like her in our lives.” Adding, “She is always willing to listen, she is our problem solver super hero. 😊 Appreciate you more than words can express.  Thank you, Terry, for always going above and beyond.”

A Note of Friendship:

Lindsay Silva, an office mate and fellow underwriter, cherishes the bond she shares with Terry, “She always makes herself available for work-related assistance, or just to be a caring ear. I’ve been fortunate to work with her here at Homeowners and at previous companies. She’s a great “boss” and an even better friend. I loves me some Terry!”  Beyond their professional collaboration, Terry’s availability and genuine care create an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie.

Empowering Dreams, One Chapter at a Time:

As Terry Lundsford continues to write her chapters of success at Homeowners Financial Group, she remains steadfast in her mission to create a space where clients are treated as unique and cherished family members. In a world where transactions can be mechanical, her approach serves as a reminder that the heart of homeownership lies in crafting unforgettable chapters of dreams fulfilled.  Homeowners Financial Group is proud to have Terry Lundsford as a driving force in their mission to empower dreams and create lasting chapters of homeownership success with a profound understanding of the human element in the mortgage industry.

3 words that best describe Terry: Caring. Empathetic. Talented.

We are always looking for experienced professionals who are committed to serving the needs of borrowers while maintaining our corporate culture focused on family. If this is you, please contact us at homeownersfg.com/careers for more information on becoming a Homie.

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